Road circulation requirements for mobile machinery

To use a vehicle on public roads in the Netherlands, an approval is mandatory. This obligation also applies since 1 January 2016 to agricultural or forestry tractors, agricultural or forestry trailers and interchangeable towed equipment. On 1 January 2021, a registration and licence plate obligation was also added for these categories of vehicles.   For mobile machinery, almost all categories are since 1 January 2021 subject to an approval, registration and licence plate obligation when they want to use public roads. Until now, each mobile machine has to be individually inspected by the RDW. To simplify this process and speed up the registration of a mobile machine, the government is working on a National Type Approval for mobile machines in cooperation with the RDW and FMIB, among others. The legislative amendment required for this will soon be submitted to stakeholders for comment through an internet consultation., The start date is however not yet fixed so keep an eye on the relevant website or register for updates.   For more information:

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