CECE Summit Brussels 2023

CECE, the European association of construction equipment manufacturers of which FMIB is a proud member, is organizing its Summit on 26 October 2023 at Autoworld, Brussels.
The Summit brings together construction equipment manufacturers and EU policymakers in Brussels to present and discuss relevant topics in order to promote mutual understanding.
This edition of the Summit will focus on cybersecurity aspects in European regulations and their relevance to the construction machinery sector.
It offers you a unique opportunity to exchange views with industry peers and policymakers on the impact, challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity.
For more information and registration:
CECE Summit 2023

ReBuild Ukraine

On 14 and 15 November 2023, the 2nd Rebuild Ukraine conference and exhibition will be held in Warsaw, Poland.
The event will focus on recovery projects, the materials, technologies, equipment and investments needed to rebuild war-torn Ukraine with an emphasis on infrastructure, industry, energy supply and housing.
Participation in the event will be of interest to market players who can offer potential solutions. Manufacturers of construction equipment can showcase their products which can be used for this purpose.
ReBuild Ukraine 2023

Machinery Regulation published

On 29 June 2023, the new Machinery Regulation (EU)2023/1230 was published in the Official Journal of the European Union.   The Machinery Regulation will be applicable from 20 January 2027 when the current Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC is repealed after an agreed transition period of 42 months.   The Machinery Regulation has been adapted to the principles of the New Legislative Framework and updated with respect to new technologies.   On 4 July, the European Commission published a corrigendum to the Machinery Regulation with several corrected dates, including the correct date of application: 20 January 2027.   The European Commission has promised to update the Guide to application of the Machinery Directive with guidance on applying the new requirements although it has not yet indicated a timeframe.  

During the Machinery Expert Group meeting on 23 March 2023, the European Commission did clarify that application of the Machinery Regulation is only possible from 20 January 2027. Until that date, only the current Machinery Directive applies.